Analysis Methods

Below is a library of methods, developed for the OMOP Common Data Model and available under the Apache public license. If you would like to contribute to the methods, please contact IMEDS. The links below contain source code and instructions on how to execute these methods.

Methods Implemented in 2011-2012 OMOP Research

Automated Pharmacoepidemiology Evaluation eXplorer (APEX) Cohort Method , Indiana University School of Medicine & Regenstrief Institute, October 2012

Adapted Self-Controlled Case Series for Accumulated Exposure , Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, July 2012

Observational Screening (OS), UBC and OMOP Research Team, June 2012

Self-Controlled Case Series (SCCS), Columbia University, June 2012

Cohort Method, OMOP Research Team, May 2012

Disproportionality Analysis, OMOP Research Team, May 2012

IC Temporal Pattern Discovery , Uppsala Monitoring Centre, May 2012

Case Control, Columbia University, May 2012

Longitudinal Gamma Poisson Shrinker (LGPS) & Longitudinal Evaluation of Observational Profiles of Adverse events Related to Drugs (LEOPARD), Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, May 2012