**As of June 30, 2016, the IMEDS Research Lab will be suspended for the remainder of the year until further notice. Thank you for your support. For additional information or questions about this update, or to learn more about other areas of the IMEDS program, please contact IMEDS@reaganudall.org.

The IMEDS Research Laboratory is available for use by investigators interested in participating in IMED’s mission to advance the science and tools necessary to support post-market evidence generation on regulated products, including safety surveillance and evaluations, and to facilitate utilization of a robust secondary electronic healthcare data platform for generating better evidence on regulated products in the post-market settings including but not limited to safety, comparative effectiveness and healthcare quality. If you are interested in using the IMEDS Research Laboratory, please email the information as outlined below to IMEDS@reaganudall.org.

The IMEDS Research Laboratory provides a secure computing platform housing research tools and 5 healthcare datasets that have been “de-identified” pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) Standards for the Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health information (the “Privacy Rule”) using the statistical method for de-identification or the regulatory safe harbor. The following datasets are available in these CDM formats:

OMOP CDM Version 4.0

  • CCAE - MarketScan Commercial Claims and Encounters
  • MDCD - MarketScan Multi-State Medicaid
  • MDCR - MarketScan Medicare Supplemental Beneficiaries
  • MSLR - MarketScan Lab Supplemental
  • GE - Centricity

Mini-Sentinel CDM Version 4.0

  • MDCR - MarketScan Medicare Supplemental Beneficiaries
  • Others coming soon

OMOP CDM Version 2.0

  • OSIM2 - OMOP Simulated data, modeled after MSLR
  • Please submit a proposal as outlined below to gain authorized access. ALL PROPOSALS WILL BE MADE PUBLIC ON THIS WEBSITE. Your request will be reviewed by the Senior Director, IMEDS Methods-Research and the IMEDS Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). You will be notified of any questions or additional information needed. After the review of your proposal, you will be notified of the steps to gain credentials and access to the IMEDS Research Lab.

    RUF will support an individual researcher for up to $1,000 per year for costs associated with the utilization of the computing resources. Once the annual dollar amount has been reached, the costs associated with the utilization of the computing resources will be passed through to the investigators with the exception of research that is sponsored by RUF/IMEDS.

    The proposal must include the following components:(do not exceed 2 pages):

  • Research Objectives and Aims: Describe the project’s objectives and aims.
  • Scope/Proposed Approach: Discuss your proposed approach by providing a brief summary about what you plan to do to address your listed objective and aims.
  • Impact: What are the proposed contributions and learnings to the public upon the completion of the research?
  • Experience: List out the names and titles of individuals requesting access.
  • Timeline: How many months is access needed for? Please state anticipated start and end dates.
  • Below are the policies and procedures that will be included in your IMEDS Laboratory data use agreement.

  • End-Used License Agreement (EULA)
  • Research Laboratory and Source Data Access Policy
  • Confidentiality Policy
  • Publication and External Communications Policy
  • Intellectual Property Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy