Support for IMEDS

IMEDS Funding Strategy
Given that other organizations solicit funding from many of the same institutions with whom IMEDS will interact through its research responsibilities (including regulated industry which currently fund academic institutions, payer research units, contract research organizations, and others), a clearly articulated funding strategy is necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability of IMEDS.

Download the IMEDS Program Financial Update 2013

Guiding principles for the funding strategy include:

  1. All IMEDS funding will be transparent and all funders will be disclosed on the RUF and IMEDS websites.
  2. The RUF Board will approve all donations received by RUF for IMEDS.
  3. IMEDS will be funded by a diverse stakeholder community (including government, regulated industry, payers, non-profit organizations, patient advocacy groups, and other vested stakeholders). This diverse funding is critical to ensure the sustainability of IMEDS, and will be obtained in a manner that is equitable and fair to all contributors. In addition, IMEDS will pursue appropriate scientific and technical expertise from all IMEDS funders to help shape IMEDS’s design and implementation).
  4. RUF will be able to allocate FDA funding for IMEDS for costs for which such funding may be appropriately used.
  5. Non-medical product industry and non-FDA resources which IMEDS may engage for financial support include any and all institutions with an interest in improving overall drug safety.
  6. IMEDS will not be restricted from accepting funds from any sources, so long as proper conflict of
    interest considerations are documented and these funding arrangements are in accordance with RUF principles and policies.
  7. Funding should, at a minimum, meet IMEDS budget needs as specified by the IMEDS Program Director and approved by the IMEDS Steering Committee.
  8. During the IMEDS-Methods Implementation Phase, IMEDS may create various fee-for-service programs to generate additional revenue for IMEDS. These programs must help advance IMEDS’s overall mission and are subject to review by the IMEDS Steering Committee and RUF Board.