IMEDS Charter & Governance

IMEDS Charter
The IMEDS Charter was developed by the IMEDS-Methods Project Team in collaboration with the IMEDS-Methods Organizing Committee during the IMEDS-Methods Design Phase. The IMEDS Charter was approved by the IMEDS Steering Committee on August 19, 2013. The IMEDS Charter details the principles and policies governing all projects within the IMEDS program: IMEDS-Methods, IMEDS-Education, and IMEDS-Evaluation. For a slide presentation, please refer to the IMEDS Charter Overview.

IMEDS Governance Structure
The IMEDS governance structure establishes the strategic, operational, and technical decision-making process required to excel in its mission. It provides strategic leadership, establishes priorities and policies, and is accountable and transparent to the community.

IMEDS Governance Structure

Defined roles and responsibilities for IMEDS Governing Bodies

  • RUF Board: selects IMEDS Steering Committee members; reviews and approves IMEDS partnerships, budget; evaluates effectiveness of IMEDS; assists with IMEDS fundraising
  • IMEDS Board Liaison Committee: provides fiduciary oversight and ensures that the entire program is sound and is functioning ethically and consistently within the goals and principles of the Foundation. The RUF Board of Directors may choose to delegate some of its responsibilities to this Board committee.
  • IMEDS Steering Committee: reviews and approves IMEDS Research Agenda; provides guidance on IMEDS partnerships, external communications; selects IMEDS-Methods Scientific Advisory Committee members
  • IMEDS Scientific Advisory Committee: provides input on IMEDS Research Agenda, research proposals, and research work products